Sometimes it can be a little difficult to understand ring sizing and how to measure your size for the ring you are purchasing, therefore I have some handy tips.

If you're purchasing a ring and are unsure of your size, I have plastic reusable ring sizers in my shop which can be used again and again or be passed on to a friend or family member once you have used them. When it arrives with you and you have measured your size, please let me know so I can begin making your custom ring.

The best and most accurate way to be sized is at your local jeweller's. It is a very normal thing to ask, therefore do not be shy as any good jewellers’ shop would be happy to help you. 

I am a very small business, and only have so many hours in a day. Therefore if you find the ring you ordered doesn’t fit right, please give me a minimum of a week to sort out the ring size for you. I charge £30 for resizing rings; this is so that in the future customers will make sure to measure the correct size for their bespoke ring.  



For necklace sizing, there are many helpful images on the internet of how long chains sit on the neck. Alternatively, you can measure your favourite necklace (if you like that length) with a ruler or tape measure. You can also use a piece of string the correct length and measure that too, and remember I am always happy to help with any sizing issues via email or a virtual appointment.