Ethical Statement

The environmental impact of my jewellery will always be at the forefront of my designing, making and packaging processes. If I can’t find an ethical way to create a piece of jewellery, that often means I need to take a different route. In my ethical statement, I will outline some ways in which Lorna Grace Jewellery is taking bigger steps towards a greener world.
Lorna Grace Ethical statement

Using only recyclable pens and recycled paper, and going totally paperless where possible,  I start the bespoke process with the same environmentally-friendly considerations as I finish with. The energy used to supply the workshop is renewable, and I use Ecosia as a search engine - they plant trees while I research my next collection! 


Every piece of jewellery is made by myself in my workshop in the Cotswolds. I do not import any products made outside the U.K. and the only services I may outsource are stonesetting, casting, polishing or hallmarking, which are all completed by trained professionals in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

All of the metal I buy new for bespoke pieces or my own collections is recycled in the UK, and cast jewellery is made from previously scrapped metal from the industry. I can also provide Fairtrade gold to customers who prefer it. I save all of the metal shavings and dust from previous work to then melt down and reuse at a later date. I make sure all of the gemstones used are from sustainable businesses, who uphold strict ethical practices within their mines and cutting processes. I have access to Canada-mark and ocean-sourced diamonds should you desire a diamond that is traceable from mine, to cutter, to finished product, and all the diamonds are Kimberly certified. 

I have been recently working on minimising the use of toxins in my workshop to a point of almost nil, and to make the business paperless where possible. I already recycle, repurpose and reuse any plastics and non-biodegradable products, and carefully dispose of any hazardous products that must be used during the making of my jewellery.

Lorna Grace Jewellery Rings


My boxes, care cards, thank you cards, business cards, stickers, tissue paper, jewellery bags and even postal boxes and bags are all made from recycled materials. I reuse all of the boxes and bubble wrap from previous parcels, therefore if you receive your package and are disappointed in the lack of branded postal boxes I can only apologise. Lorna Grace Jewellery is committed to every step of the process being eco-friendly.


Wherever possible, I like to talk to customers about the idea of using their own jewellery to make new pieces. Often it is the case that people have old, unworn, handed-down, unwanted jewellery in their jewellery box.

 I think it’s wonderful when people take the opportunity to make treasure out of their ‘trash’! Often customers might have sentimental jewellery, such as jewellery left in a will or from a previous marriage. We can make this wearable again, and those special items can be given a new life. Recycling individual gemstones is also an option, so if you want to use a gemstone from old or second-hand jewellery but would like a new setting, that is definitely something I can do.