About Me

Lorna Grace Jewellery

I am Lorna Grace Jewellery. I design, CAD, make and finish all of the pieces you have seen on my website. My work often tells a story based on an area of my own research, which is far-reaching. Above all, my love and concern for the environment is at the forefront of my work; something which I want to share.

My small business of handmade and bespoke jewellery is currently in it’s embryonic stages. Having studied Design for Industry (DFI) at Birmingham School of Jewellery and completed the HND course in Jewellery and Silversmithing, I feel prepared to begin my journey as a Professional jeweller. It was during an art foundation course that I found my passion lay in jewellery, and I’ve been loving it everyday since. Making jewellery comes with unique challenges, all of which I enjoy the process of overcoming. For me, jewellery is the perfect combination of art and science. The natural world is a great interest of mine, but also a great concern. Every collection I have made, and will continue to make, has been thoroughly researched to make as little impact on the environment as possible, as well as draw inspiration from it. 

Geology and the natural world has always fascinated me. As children, my dad would regularly take my sisters and I out fossil collecting. It made me naturally curious for what else was under our feet. So, along with my jewellery degree, I also studied diamond grading and gemmology. This allows me to identify high quality diamonds and gemstones to use in my pieces and your commissions - and save a few for myself too!

As jewellers, it is our responsibility to be transparent about where we source our materials. I currently only buy sustainably-mined gemstones and Fairtrade or eco silver and gold. But, we can always do better, and in the future I plan to personally see the mines my gems come from, recycle my own gold, and promote the use of synthetic gems as much as possible. It is be a long journey ahead, but it starts here.